Tuesday, February 17, 2009

News, news, and more news

First I want to announce the opening of me and my son Benjamin's new Etsy store "The Witches Cupboard" which is, as he puts it, for practioners of both shield and sword magic. Right now the shelves are pretty empty I'll admit, but more items are being added daily. We hope to have quite a selection within the next month or so ... so keep on stopping by and checking.

Next: I'm really excited to tell you I'm a new book reviewer with Dark Diva Reviews . They are reviewers of erotica/romance books and they can really help you make those tough decisions about which book to buy/read next. Come check out the site, you'll enjoy it very much!

Finally, my own Etsy store, Persephone Plays, has added new items too. Like these wire wrapped earrings, my very favorites...I love them! Come look at everything both store have now, then come back in a week when we'll have even more new, creative items to show you. We're reasonably priced too!

Picture is link to item....I'd also like to thank everyone who left such kind comments about the Toys in the Attic digiscrap kit from a couple of days ago. Your words inspire me to try harder to creat more beautiful kits for you in the future. Thanks again!

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