Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hear Me Roar

Ladies, we all know at least one guy that thinks this way, even if he denies it. For me it was a friend I had a few years ago. He would come over and help change light bulbs....stuff like that. He was my hero. Yeah, right. I've heard since then that he would tell stories when I wasn't around about how he had to help me with this or that. All I can say is "What an asshole!"

Now understand, I lived 10 years, yeah, 10 loooong years without a man around for anything. I taught myself to do plumbing, carpentry, and I even replaced a gasket for the transmission on the car. I'm proud of that, and the fact that this pompous ass comes and changes a light bulb and *poof* I'm just a helpless female still pisses me off some 10 years later.

But women have reached equality with men now. They really have...and I know this for a fact when I read with interest a story on Smoking Gun of a woman who was arrested when her date called the police to tell them he was at a BBQ with his girlfriend. He had started feeling queasy and went inside to lie down for awhile. When he woke up, his girlfriend had her hand in your imagination. That to me is equality...women using date rape drugs so they can fist their boyfriends. Now please read this statement with all the sarcasm's about time. Women can be just as dispicable as men, yup, and they can change a light bulb and open their own damn ketchup. We don't need a hero.

And on a lighter note, I haven't quite finished the kit I've been working on but here's a cool stamp of greenman. I've used it a lot and really like it...hope you do too.

(click picture to download)

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