Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goddess blessed

I'm really excited this morning because I just checked our new Etsy store The Witches Cupboard and the portable altar I made is getting lots of views.

Also, today I'm starting my first review with Dark Divas...I'm reading Waking The Witch by Lisa Whitefern. It looks like it will be an interesting story.

In other news...

1. Diane still is a huge weirdo magnet...I'd have to move to loose this one.

2. Unemployment runs rampant in the House of Newman

3. Obama: Too good to be true? hmmm....yes!

4. Views on Etsy do not equal sales on Etsy.

5. On March 15, my cigarette prices will go up $23.00 a bag of tobacco for roll your own, or $6 a carton for the rest. A $23 price hike overnight!? That with the beer tax hike will make people start smoking pot. It'll be cheaper. Can you believe that?

Done rambling....lots to do...bbl.

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