Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching Up

The Topic of the Week at Altered Designs is where do you post your artwork and since this is where I do that, I thought I'd better do some catching up :)

So first of all, we moved from a townhouse in the city to a little cottage-like house down by the river. Every morning I go out on the deck and listen to the birds sing their greetings to the sun and watch the fish jump. Every once in a while I spot a beaver or ground hog, and just last night,a raccoon tried to come inside and make himself at home. Here's some pics....
Next post will be all the artwork I haven't posted in the last month...this may take a!


  1. Hi, Diane! Wow I'm so happy for you that you moved to the country and are closer to nature. And I am thrilled that you referenced our topic of the week and posted your, but our group that did that topic is 4x6Expressions, not Altered Designs. LOL, I had to chuckle, there but for the grace, etc. We are all in so many groups together, they are hard to keep straight. :-)))

  2. OOPS! Me make a mistake? No shock brain isn't keeping very much straight these! Thank you for the kind correction!